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Choose from any of our Cleanse Plans or create your own for a tailored experience.






How To Do A Cleanse


There are so many reasons to do a cleanse, start by setting an intention and choosing a good time to cleanse.


Based on your intentions for the cleanse, choose your cleanse or reach out and let us help you create one!


Save up to 15% on juice and swing by to get your juice on the date you chose! 


Cleansing can have many ups and downs, but the end result is we feel lighter and healthier!



Designed around earthy greens and root veggies, our Rejuvenate cleanse alkalizes your body and creates a healthy, thriving internal environment.

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Help fight inflammation while restoring nutrients to your body.  Get grounded with our Alleviate cleanse and give your digestive tract a break from food.

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Gut Health

Support a healthy gut with our Activate cleanse.  This cleanse is designed to populate your gut with healthy bacteria and reduce digestive tract inflammation to improve your overall well-being.

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San Nicolas
San Clemente
Emma Wood

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The Gut Health Cleanse


The Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse


The Alkalizing Cleanse


Create Your Own

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What should I eat?

In juice cleanses we usually recommend that you do not eat. However, you know your body the best, and if you feel like. You really need to eat something we highly recommend raw or steamed organic fruits and vegetables. 

How many days should I cleanse?

We recommend that you do the detox 1-3 days. We do not recommend doing the cleanse for more than 5 days with out professional help. If you signed up for 1 day and would like to add on another you can buy another days worth online, or swing by for a refille. Please note that it is always better to pre-order so that we will 100% have everything in stock when you get here. 

What is included?

Five 17 oz. Juices + Two Shots


How do I cleanse?

In each Cleanse there are 5 juices and 2 wellness shots per day. The recommended order for the juices will be unique to the cleanse plan you choose. Click on on Cleanse Plan for more information.


Why is there a bottle fee?

We believe in re-using our bottles to offset our collective carbon footprint. The bottle fee will be returned in full when you bring the bottles back!

Can I sub out a juice for a different one?

Yes, it is absolutely fine with us to sub out a juice in the cleanse. We understand some ingredients just aren’t for everyone, and we will help you sub it out form something that works better for you! 


What about Subscriptions?

We happily offer juice subscriptions as well! These are available on a weekly schedule, rather than for a three to five day program.

What can I expect when I am cleansing?

When your body is sent into detox mode all of the toxins that you have been storing in fat cells will be released into your blood stream, causing them to become even more activated. This can result in headaches, body aches, muscle fatigue, tiredness, and even bloating. These symptoms are why it’s so important to do this on a day you can rest, and practice self care like easy exercise regimen, and the sauna or a bath. We also suggest doing the detox with someone for support!

Do I have to pre-order?

No, we likely have it in stock already! But it is always better to pre-order so that we will 100% have everything ready when you get here. Please give us at least 24 hours to prepare your cleanse when pre-ordering. 

What comes in my cleanse?

In each Subscription you can choose between the Juices + Shots you would like to include, change it up anytime, and pause your subscription when you need! Need help deciding? We can help with that just reach out!

Why should I do a cleanse?

Detoxification releases toxins that have silted the body with improper materials. When you get a toxin build up in your gut, your blood steam, or in your lymphatic system it cause them to work improperly. This can lead to lowered immune system, hormonal issues and and even diabetes and heart disease.

Disease or Dis-ease means that your body is not at ease. There is a system that is experiencing stagnation, or lacking in nutrients that support it.

Detoxification clears those pathways and allows your body to reset and then to find harmony, which illuminates dis-ease.