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Get a Subscription Plan and save BIG on juice every week! Your juice will be ready for you on your pick up day! Change plans, pause anytime and switch up your juice whenever you want! 






How Does The Subscription Work?


We have so many options to choose from and you can switch out your juice anytime! Reach out if you need help!

Pay Once A Month

Just like a yoga subscription. You pay once a month but benefit every week!

Pick Up Your Juices Once A Week

Swing by on the day of your choosing and pick up your juice subscription! It is easy to change your pick up day, just let us know! 

Save Money

Save up to 15% on juice and don’t worry about the bottle fees! Just bring your bottles each week, and switch up your juice selection anytime! 

THE 3 + 2

3 Juices + 2 Shots


The All Green Subscription


3 Juices A Week


6 Juices A Week


Full Bottle of Shots + 3 Juices

"Loving it! My energy is good, I'm not hungry at all, and the juices are delicious!"

"The best juice company around!"

"Juices are delicious and fresh. I feel healthier after the first sip"

"If you love juice, this is the spot."

"The juices and shots are all amazing and the people that work there are always so great."

Can I cancel anytime?

In order to get our discounted juice prices for the subscription we ask that you commit to atleast 3 months of Subscription. After that you can cancel anytime! 

How often do I pay?

Pay once a month, and pick up your juices once a week!

Is there a bottle fee?

No, our subscription holders are not charged a bottle fee! But you MUST bring your bottles back, otherwise we will need to charge your for the bottles. 

What is the benefit to getting a Subscription?

Getting on a CIJUICE Subscription will save you money, get you on the the right track to healthy eating + ensure that we have the juices you want each week in stock and ready for you.


Can I change my juice out for another?

Change your juices by reaching out, or simply change on the fly when you swing by to grab your juice, you can switch your juices out for anything we have in stock at the time. We are also working on adding this feature to your portal! 

How do I access my subscription details?

When you sign up for a Juice Subscription you will be invited to create an account for our Subscription portal, there you will be able to pause or cancel your subscription. It is currently not possible to change your juices via the portal yet, we are working on it! 🙂 

What comes in my Subscription?

In each Subscription you can choose between the Juices + Shots you would like to include, change it up anytime, and pause your subscription when you need! Need help deciding? We can help with that just reach out!

What if I am going on vacation?

You can pause your subscription anytime, additionally if you’d like to get your missed juices another time or spread out over the month we are happy to do that too!