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What are cold-pressed juices?

“Why Drink Juice?”

Drinking juice is the most natural and quickest way to increase your consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. It can have many health benefits as well, such as glowing skin, a clearer mindset, greater energy, and more! As long as you are consuming enough fiber in your diet, the concentrated nature of cold-pressed juice makes for a more nutritionally dense product. We recommend maintaining a balanced diet of eating your fruits and vegetables, and drinking them.

Our juice is organic, made in-house from local organic produce. We do this to keep pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in non-organic produce out of our juices. Some of these inorganic materials can hurt your digestive tract. Just because a label says something like “all natural” or “100% juice” doesn’t mean that it is organic, or even good for you.

“What is Cold-Pressed Juice?”

So, what is cold-pressed juice? It’s juice made with a hydraulic press, rather than a centrifugal, masticating, or triturating juicer. It uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. This process keeps more nutrients in tact than other juicers can, especially fiber. Ideally, these juices are never pasteurized, which would defeat the purpose of cold-pressing, though it would extend the shelf life of the product. Our juices are never pasteurized, which is why ours have shorter a shelf life than those found in grocery stores.

Pasteurization (also known as High Temperature Short Time pasteurization) is a process whereby something destined for human consumption (like juice, for example) is brought to a very high temperature for a short period of time, and then immediately cooled down. During this process, chemicals are applied to all produce being used in a juice to ensure bacteria does not form during packaging. This heat is used to eliminate harmful bacteria, but also removes several good bacterias in the process. That heat changes the flavor of the juice, its appearance, and causes the reduction of nutritional value and good enzymes.

We hold our products to the highest quality standards so that you can feel safe knowing you are getting the best for your body.

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